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Crow Wing Kayaks tough but lightweight polyethylene shell provides superior durability and ease of transport. They are designed in a unique way that provides uncommon stability over most traditional kayaks. Whether you are a first time kayaker or a seasoned paddler you will be impressed by the outstanding performance of our products. For the sportsman, it is clear that our kayaks were designed with you in mind. Is it any wonder that our fishing and hunting models have become the standard by which all other kayaks are measured. All models include a 2 year warranty.

Crow Wing Kayaks

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  • Affordable
  • Stable
  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Fully Rigged and Ready!

Why is the 1080 Our Most Popular Crow Wing Kayak?

Our Crow Wing Kayak 1080's have four molded floor supports for superior strength and stability.
The bungees we use on all Crow Wing Kayaks are made of 1/4 inch high quality UV and abrasion resistant poly.
All screws we use are stainless steel and self tapping. This provides extra strength and a water tight seal.
All of the hardware fasteners we use are made of quality injected ABS or nylon.
We seal all hatch and rod holder openings on Crow Wing Kayaks with marine grade , UV resistant silicone.
Each Crow Wing Kayak must pass a 10 point quality control inspection before presented for sale.
We offer a 2 year warranty on our hulls.
Our low profile seating provides comfort and stability. Crow Wing Kayaks are sit-on-top which allows for maximum maneuverability and accessibility. Our kayaks are suitable for all ages and levels of experience. The 1080 Crow Wing Kayak storage areas and hatches are spacious and convenient. Hull design and draft allows for minimum wind resistance. Curved bottom of hull allows the 1080 Crow Wing Kayaks to glide through the water for easy paddling. Our extended keel ensures efficiency.
The 1080 Crow Wing Kayaks are short in length and lightweight; easy to transport, carry and maneuver.
Crow Wing Kayak 1080's are competitively priced starting around $500.
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