1080 Models

The 1080 is uniquely crafted for excellent tracking, stability and versatility. The extended keel and curved base is designed for the kayaker who may be paddling for a distance and for a wide variety of circumstances and conditions. This kayak handles well in rivers and streams as well as larger bodies of water. The wind effect is minimized because of the low profile of the hull. The comment most associated with this kayak is that it "glides over the water". The adjustable back rest that is standard with the 1080 and the molded foot rests allow a person a variety of options for a comfortable ride. The huge open compartment behind the seat makes this an ideal craft for many uses. It is large enough to hold a child or "man's best friend". It also provides ample storage for the serious hunter/angler or the person planning an extended trip. This is by far our most popular kayak.
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