Frequently Asked Questions

Are the kayaks big enough for 2 people?
There is room in our 1080’s for an adult, one adult and a child, several children or any combination with a dog. The huge rear storage compartment may be used for this.. The key is to not exceed the weight limit. Our 9'2" kayaks have a weight limit of 315lbs.

Are the kayaks durable?
Crow Wing Kayaks are extremely durable. The rotationally molded polyethylene is 1/4 inch allowing for added durability and wear resistance. Includes a 2 year warranty on the hulls.

Can I fly fish out of this kayak?

What colors are available?
The standard colors are: grolive, hunter green, olive, blue, yellow and red.

Where are they manufactured?
The hulls are rotomolded in Brainerd MN and custom outfitted in Crosslake, Minnesota.

Can I shoot a gun from your kayaks?
Many hunters find our 1080 kayaks stable enough to shoot from.

Do I need to license the watercraft?
Not in Minnesota. It depends on where you live. Please check local boating regulations.

Which models track the best?
By the shape of the hull and it’s length our 1440’s track extremely well. The 1080’s on the other hand makes up for their shorter length ( generally less efficiency) with a 3 and 1/2 extended keel.

Is it water tight?
It is a one piece molded craft. We cut out and silicone all the hatches and any other openings. We do not guarantee 100% waterproof as water can leak through the hatch covers.

How stable are your kayaks?
Our 1080’s hull sits low in the water, is wide in the middle and a paddler sits lower in the kayak itself so they are remarkably stable. Some kids use them as stand up paddle boards. Our 1440’s sit up higher out of the water and by the design of the hull are built for speed and efficiency over stability. We generally recommend the 1440’s for those with more experience.

What are the dimensions of your kayaks?
The 1080s are 9'2"long, 31"wide and 14" high. The 1440’s are 12 ft long, 32 inches wide and 13’ high.

What are they made of?
Rotomolded polyethylene, 1/4 inch thick unlike most plastic kayaks which are 1/16 inch.

What is the weight capacity?
The 1080's and the 1440's have a weight capacity of 315 lbs.

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